Apr. 13th, 2017

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Still sick, but knowing the cause has really calmed me down, and the thought that ceasing to take the pills means that I won't be sick to my stomach all the time is such a pleasant thing.

My son finally paid me back the money he owes me, so I've treated myself mildly. I ordered a couple of books online last night, bought a book at the mall today, and got my hair cut (badly needed). The rest I will keep safely tucked in my bank account. It makes a world of difference to be able to do something nice for myself.

I'm home again, tired from the anti-nauseants, and am probably going to nap. I'm so very glad to be home.
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I'm so tired and hyped that I can't get to sleep; I thought that journalling might relax me.

I'm hyped because I'm worried about a friend's baby. He's not quite 10 weeks old and he is losing weight instead of gaining. His mum is breastfeeding, but they've figured out that he's only getting 1 oz. of milk per feed, which simply isn't enough to maintain a growing baby. I went over to the hospital to bring my friend food and beverages and to sit with her a bit; she's very worried and was glad to have someone to talk to. I love this little baby and I want him to thrive. I hope nothing is wrong with him.

Bought myself a book today: A Darker Shade of Magic by Victoria Schwab; fantasy and it looks interesting. And I ordered three books from Chapters last night. I would be much better off financially if I didn't buy books, but is life without buying books really living? I love my ever-growing library.

Okay....going to find something to do to help me wind down. Journalling isn't doing it. Good night, all.
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I went to a friending community here on Dreamwidth today and I have new friends here! Welcome to [personal profile] cassie_faith, [personal profile] kristy, [personal profile] spilledpills, and [personal profile] michigangster!


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