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I called a crisis line tonight when my thoughts got really dark, and one of the things that the excellent counsellor made me realize is that although I am at a very low point in my life, that I have a lot to be grateful for. I don't think about that enough. He suggested making a gratitude list, and I'm going to do so here; no one needs to read it, although you're welcome to as well.

  1. I live in Canada, a safe and democratic country, where no wars are being waged and where there's excellent universal healthcare.
  2. I have a roof - a nice roof, at that - over my head.
  3. Even on bad days when all I want to do is collapse into bed, I have a terrific bed, all comfy and soft, with fluffy pillows and warm blankets and high thread count Egyptian cotton sheets.
  4. Teddy bears!
  5. Super-soft snuggly blankets
  6. Food to eat, healthy stuff, that's good for my body.
  7. A roommate who is no trouble at all and who regularly brings me home pizza and chocolate and Diet Pepsi.
  8. I have three healthy, happy children. And some guilt about that not being higher on the list.
  9. I have cats! I am particularly grateful for Roo, who loves her mummy and cuddles her when she's sad.
  10. I have a vacation to look forward to, and new places to see, and a mum to enjoy the travels with.
  11. I will be spending Christmas this year with my son in Vancouver, and with his fiancee's family, which will be super.
  12. God. (That should have been first. Whoops!)
  13. So many books.
  14. A phone and money to pay the phone bill.
  15. A car and money to put gas in it.
  16. Intelligence.
  17. A computer.
  18. Clothes for the heat of summer and the bitter cold of winter.
  19. A therapist, a social worker, and a psychiatrist! All for free!

    Wow. I have a lot, and I'm only just getting started. I feel decidedly less gloomy now.
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